Alternative Investment with FJION

Keeping It Systematic & Simple in the Markets

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FJION/fee-on/ is a trading ​and research ​firm that offers alternative investment, helping investors and traders build legacies through long-term capital appreciation with compound growth in the global financial markets.

FJION Vision

​Every FJION investor or trader has legacies of which every effort is made to give back to the world God has created.​

FJION Mission

Empower every FJION investor or trader with opportunities and skills required to build legacies.​

FJION Uniqueness

FJION’s trading and research program delivers ABSOLUTE RETURNS in the global financial markets. It is SYSTEMATIC and RULE-BASED and can be applied in BOTH UP AND DOWN markets.

FJION are never interested in short-term success that gains only 20, 50 or even 200 units. We are building legacies with a long-term trading system in trend following, hunting for absolute returns. 10,000 units is acceptable, 20,000 units is more like it, and 30,000 or more units is the reason we can build legacies. - Francis Tan(Founder & MD, FJION)